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San Hotel**** was built in 1982, and in 2008 it was completely renovated. In early 2015, entire hotel was redesigned and today, with great delight, we are offering to our guests a supreme aesthetic experience, perfect functionality and high quality of all our services…



Hostel Banja Laktaši nalazi se u centru Laktaša, u okviru zdravstveno-turističkog kompleksa Terme Laktaši. Hostel Banja Laktaši počeo je sa radom u decembru 2018.godine, kada je i potpuno renoviran i opremljen potpuno novim namještajem…

Natural Gem

Biserni izvor

Old Spa Natural Gem or Old Spa is a tapped spring of thermal-mineral water on which two cupolas and inner rooms with baths were constructed.
The Small, so-called Women’s cupola has the capacity of 35 bathers and the Big, so-called Men’s Cupola has capacity of 65 bathers…

Outdoor swimming pool


Kompleks otvorenih bazena nalazi se u neposrednoj blizini Hotela San****. Otvoreni bazeni potpuno su rekonstruisani i sanirani u 2007.godini. Moderan izgled i tehnička rješenja, pored plivanja, pružaju brojne mogućnosti za zabavu…



Thermal mineral water of Laktaši Thermal Spa is used for as an aiding cure for the following: treatment of disease of locomotor system, cardiovascular diseases, eye diseases, neurological disorders, aging-associated diseases, and also it is used for recreation and relaxation.

Healing water of Laktaši Thermal Spa is classified as calcium-magnesium, hydrogen-carbonate, carbonic-acid, oligomineral rich homeothermic water, with temperature that ranges between 30℃ and 40℃. Calcium and magnesium ions, as well as hydrogen-carbonate ions, which are very important for human body, dominate in the anion-cation composition. The additional quality is quality of dissolved carbon dioxide (CO2) of 1.25 g/l.

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Laktaši Thermal Spa

Thermal mineral water of Laktaši Thermal Spa has been known for its healing properties and positive effects on human health since ancient times for which there is material evidence. Modern development and exploitation started in 1930. Laktaši Thermal Spa offers:

  • Thermal pools
  • San Hotel
  • Modern complex of outdoor swimming pools
  • Park of nature
  • Sports fields

Distance from hotel to:

  • Banja Luka International Airport is 10 km
  • Banja Luka – Gradiška motorway is 3 km
  • Banja Luka City is 21 km.
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